How To Bookmark Twitter Links From Your Stream Using Paper

June 10, 2010 by  
Filed under Twitter Basic Tips

I’m sure you’ve already asked yourself this question: “What can I do with the hundreds, even thousands, of links to sites, videos, photos, my followed tweeps are sharing every day?” Too much content here, requiring too much time to go through… But, obviously, this content may be of interest. You are following these tweeps for good reasons, aren’t you?

So the big question is how could one easily browse this immense list and quickly discover, among this massive flow of data shared by my followed people, the articles, blogs, sites, videos, I want to spend time on? This is exactly what the new (free) tool is about. transforms any twitter timeline into a daily online newspaper. It presents the content shared by the people you follow, in a smart and easy to scan way.

How does it work? This new tool analyzes all links shared by your friends during a given day, determines topics (politics, science, technology, etc.) using semantic text analysis tools, extracts the content (text, video, images, pdf) and rank them for probable pertinence. With all of that info the tool is then able to create a newspaper front page, enabling you to scan this content – contextualized by tweets, always displayed nearby articles – in a very way. If such quick scanning is not enough, you are also able to access a table view of all content shared in the last 24 hours by the tweeps you follow. Once created, this “newspaper” is automatically updated every 24 hours.

It is a very simple tool, a way to get what people you follow (and respect) are sharing, even if you are not connected to Twitter the entire day.

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