8 Twitter SEO Tips To Search Engine Optimize Your Tweets

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As we all know Twitter is growing on an enormous speed. According to a report by Econsultancy, Twitter has more that 75 million user accounts in which 15 million users are active.

That is an impressive no. of people sending millions of tweets. I reckon this is really a fantastic platform for businesses to keep updated their followers about company’s new products and offerings who wish to follow them.

Even some time before, Google made an agreement with Twitter to show tweets in their search results. It means your tweets can be viewed as an unique listing in Google Search Engine which can help in increasing traffic on your website.

I reckon indexing of tweets in search engine offers a fantastic way for businesses to show their presence in Google Search Engine. This is the best time to start optimizing your Twitter presence to maximize your results.

So, in this article, I am going to share 8 Twitter tips to improve your SEO performance which will help you to build quality links in Google Search Engine.

1) Choose a Twitter handle wisely : Twitter handle which is also known as your Username is most vital aspect when thinking from a SEO perspective. Be sure to choose a name which is relevant to your brand or company name. Also try to choose a targeted keywords in your username which will help for better indexing of your tweets in the Google Search Engine.

2) Choose proper account name : You have to optimize your Twitter account name which reflects your brand. Account name is the name which shows next to your profile and you can choose it differently from your handle/URL. So choose an account name which helps you to promote your company or brand.

3) Optimize your Bio content : Make sure to optimize your Twitter’s page “Bio” content which is constantly indexed in search engines. Your Bio content words limit is 160 so take full advantage by placing most targeted keywords. But make sure not to overdo the keywords thing.

4) Integrate Twitter link in your website : Do not forget to show your Twitter profile link in website so that it’ll be simple for visitors to follow you, for ex., place “Follow on Twitter” link on your website and footer. This will also help in  driving your Twitter URL up in the Google Search Engine.

5) Place your website URL : Be sure to include your website’s URL’s in account settings which will also help in driving traffic to your website. Though you will not get any SEO link juice due to Twitter “nofollow” system but still the link will be indexed in Google Search Engine.

6) Keyword optimization of your Tweets : The most vital part of your Tweet for SEO is the first 40 characters which will include your account name and initial characters of each tweet. So, try to place keywords in your tweets which will help your “Tweet” link up in the search engines.

7) Use Hashtags : Using hashtags is vital factor for SEO consideration because hashtags are similar to keywords metadata. So, make a tweet by prefixing a word with a hash smybol : #hashtag.

8 ) Tweet and Retweet relevant to your profile : Always remember to post tweets relevant to your blog or website content in mind. For ex : if you are providing tips on latest softwares, and suddenly tweets about political concerns, your followers may not like it. It will results in decrease in number of followers.

Tweetdeck Officially Launches for Android

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It’s about time! The ever well loved twitter app, Tweetdeck, has finally come to Android. Just announced, Tweetdeck 1.0 can now be downloaded after a few months of beta testing.

Tweetdeck had a whopping 36,000 beta testers prior to this launch in an effort to make sure the app worked without fail.

What is fascinating about the release, is that this particular version of Tweetdeck happens to be the most recent version of the app that has not even been tested for iPad’s or iPhone’s yet. Usually, it comes to the iPad and iPhone first.

Shane Ketterman

Shane is a blogger who runs a well loved tablet computer site and does app marketing/consulting for independent app developers.

Building Niche Twitter Empires – The Next Internet Rush

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Now that Twitter has finally unveiled how they plot to make money, everyone should start rethinking how to also make money on Twitter. In the beginning all the buzz was about how to get followers and the approach was to get anyone with a pulse to start following you on Twitter.

I started out in the real estate profession and always loved the concept of building equity from property value. This is likely why I became interested in Twitter and influence of Tweet value. Not to mention the financial industry booms and busts really shattered my real estate business model.

With a passion for building equity I set out to target the Twitter industry and make online empires. Quickly I learned that how many followers you have on Twitter did not matter as much as how much influence you had over those following you on Twitter. Leading me to build niche Twitter empires focused on content engagement for specific subject matters. A business model that involves making numerous niche Twitter profiles.

To simplify things how much influence you can make through Tweets is what determines the value of how much credibility you build. Then it became crystal clear to me that niche Twitter profiles would be the next huge Internet rush. The need to be able to engage followers and influence buying decisions is likely why everyone is on Twitter or at least considering joining the social media network.

Say you market and promote products, goods, or services it would be smart to have a niche Twitter profile that Tweets about those products, goods, and services. I have a Twitter profile that talks about building website traffic on Twitter my handle is @TrafficOpps. I like video games so I made a niche Twitter profile where my handle is @PCVideoGamer. The point here is to target and attract Twitter followers interested in unique subject matters.

Are search engines taking interest in niche Twitter profiles? With the help of my team we even made a niche Twitter profile that is focused on urban luxury and the Twitter handle is @UrbanLuxury.

If you do a key word search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Question for “Urban Luxury” you will find @UrbanLuxury in the top 5% indexed over millions of websites.

Twitter is the universe and the greatest place on earth to deliver a message to the most amounts of people in the fastest amount of time. Building niche Twitter empires are the next generation for Web 3.0!

Kyle Ransom

Kyle is the creator of the Tweet Money Streams™ System.

Six Benefits to Using Twitter.com Instead of an App

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Six Benefits to Using Twitter.com Instead of an App

There are often comparisons between various Twitter apps and discussions about which is better; but, there are several benefits to using Twitter.com without using an app at all.

One benefit to using Twitter.com is the ability to send and receive Tweets more quickly. Apps can only retrieve messages in intervals so there is usually at least a small delay in receiving messages. Users of Twitter.com can send and receive instantly without having to wait.

Another perk to using the website is that there is no limit to the number of times you can Tweet. Apps have API limits which restrict how many times data can be retrieved per hour. That limit has been decreased recently which makes it more likely a user will see an “API limit reached” message when using a Twitter app.

A third perk to using the Twitter website is the ability to use the new Retweet functionality. This functionality allows users to directly send a Tweet with the click of one button. Many apps don’t contain this functionality and won’t allow users to see Tweets that have been sent with this method.

The ability to see special hashtag functionality is yet another benefit to using Twitter.com. On special occasions, Twitter will sometimes enable special functionality that will appear when a specific hashtag is used. For example, using the hashtag #WorldCup during the World Cup made a soccer ball icon appear in the Tweet. This was only visible to users of Twitter.com.

A fifth advantage for Twitter.com users is being able to view the customized backgrounds of other users. Many individuals and businesses customize the backgrounds for their Twitter account which can give you vital contact information as well as other details about the user. Many users reckon carefully about their background image but app users are unable to see this image from within their app.

One last bonus for users of Twitter.com is being able to view information more easily. This has always been right but it is especially right now that Twitter.com has been updated. Users can now easily view trending topics, see which friends are recommended to them and have simple access to list functionality. Some app users will be able to see the same information but it may be located in a few different places within the app.

Although many Twitter apps contain functionality that Twitter.com doesn’t, there are many benefits to using the site that are often overlooked. These benefits should be considered when trying to choose which Twitter tools to use.

Shannon Albert

Techie girl, like alt comedy, indie films, top 40 music, travel, my 2 kids & husband.

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