5 Essential Twitter SEO Tips

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Since a few months, Google shows tweets in their search results. This means that tweets can be a fantastic source of traffic for your website if they have a excellent Pagerank. Here are 5 essential Twitter SEO tips to increase the efficiency of your tweets.

1) The first 40 characters matter most

Regarding the SEO of your tweets, the most vital part of your tweet are the first 40 characters. These 40 characters also include your username. Try to include the most vital keywords of your tweet in the first characters for better search engine results.

2) Optimize your account

There are a few simple tips you should keep in mind when you fill in your personal information, such as;

Name / Username

As I already mentioned above, the first 40 characters of your tweet are really vital for SEO. These characters are proceeded by your actual name and username. That’s why it’s vital to choose a username that’s relevant to your brand/company/blog… You can easily change your name via your profile settings.


You can compare your bio with the meta description of a website. Use keywords that are relevant to your business for better indexing results. But don’t forget that your bio is limited to only 160 characters. Also, your bio is constantly indexed.

Website URL

Although the url has a “nofollow” attribute, it can still be usefull to drive traffic to your website. People who are interested in your tweets are likely to take a look at your homepage.

3) Reckon about retweets

Make it simple for your followers to retweet by limiting the length of your tweets. Every retweet is preceded by your username. So don’t forget to leave room for the phrase ‘RT @username’. This means that the maximum length of your tweets isn’t 140 characters, but 140 minus ‘RT @username’…

4) Use hashtags

Hashtags act as keywords. Prefix a keyword with a ‘#’ to make a hashtag. They help other users who are interested in that keyword to learn your tweet. Hopefully, this will also lead to a retweet. In this case, don’t forget the fourth tip!

5) Choose a excellent URL shortener

Not all URL shorteners redirect the user to the real URL. Choose a URL shortener that uses 301-redirects (permanent redirects). This way, search engines index the actual URL instead of the small URL. I suggest using bit.ly or TinyURL.


Hi. My name is Kevin and I’m a design addict from Belgium. I’m also interested in football and games. You can find me on Twitter.

8 Twitter SEO Tips To Search Engine Optimize Your Tweets

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As we all know Twitter is growing on an enormous speed. According to a report by Econsultancy, Twitter has more that 75 million user accounts in which 15 million users are active.

That is an impressive no. of people sending millions of tweets. I reckon this is really a fantastic platform for businesses to keep updated their followers about company’s new products and offerings who wish to follow them.

Even some time before, Google made an agreement with Twitter to show tweets in their search results. It means your tweets can be viewed as an unique listing in Google Search Engine which can help in increasing traffic on your website.

I reckon indexing of tweets in search engine offers a fantastic way for businesses to show their presence in Google Search Engine. This is the best time to start optimizing your Twitter presence to maximize your results.

So, in this article, I am going to share 8 Twitter tips to improve your SEO performance which will help you to build quality links in Google Search Engine.

1) Choose a Twitter handle wisely : Twitter handle which is also known as your Username is most vital aspect when thinking from a SEO perspective. Be sure to choose a name which is relevant to your brand or company name. Also try to choose a targeted keywords in your username which will help for better indexing of your tweets in the Google Search Engine.

2) Choose proper account name : You have to optimize your Twitter account name which reflects your brand. Account name is the name which shows next to your profile and you can choose it differently from your handle/URL. So choose an account name which helps you to promote your company or brand.

3) Optimize your Bio content : Make sure to optimize your Twitter’s page “Bio” content which is constantly indexed in search engines. Your Bio content words limit is 160 so take full advantage by placing most targeted keywords. But make sure not to overdo the keywords thing.

4) Integrate Twitter link in your website : Do not forget to show your Twitter profile link in website so that it’ll be simple for visitors to follow you, for ex., place “Follow on Twitter” link on your website and footer. This will also help in  driving your Twitter URL up in the Google Search Engine.

5) Place your website URL : Be sure to include your website’s URL’s in account settings which will also help in driving traffic to your website. Though you will not get any SEO link juice due to Twitter “nofollow” system but still the link will be indexed in Google Search Engine.

6) Keyword optimization of your Tweets : The most vital part of your Tweet for SEO is the first 40 characters which will include your account name and initial characters of each tweet. So, try to place keywords in your tweets which will help your “Tweet” link up in the search engines.

7) Use Hashtags : Using hashtags is vital factor for SEO consideration because hashtags are similar to keywords metadata. So, make a tweet by prefixing a word with a hash smybol : #hashtag.

8 ) Tweet and Retweet relevant to your profile : Always remember to post tweets relevant to your blog or website content in mind. For ex : if you are providing tips on latest softwares, and suddenly tweets about political concerns, your followers may not like it. It will results in decrease in number of followers.

How do you get your tweets in organic listings?

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The outbound tweets for what is being promoted can be written with SEO and keywords in mind, crafted to be unique. As long as these messages don’t feel like spam and if you can make people visit to your blog via Twitter, this is indeed an SEO advantage that you cannot afford to miss.

1) Choose a Twitter handle strategically – Twitter handle, which can be your name, company name, brand name, blog name and so on. While choose a twitter handle (your username) make sure it is relevant to your blog or website and is simple to remember as it is the part of the SEO title for the tweets appearing in Google search engine. For example if you are running iPhone blog then you can probably use twitter handle starting with iPhone.

2) Boost your Twitter Profile Page Rank

  • Optimize your meta description – Your Twitter ‘bio’, is really your meta description. Make sure to include keywords.
  • Show web site’s URL – Do not forget to show URL of your blog or website prominently on your twitter profile page. This will eventually increase the organic traffic as people often click the URL for seeking more information. It is vital to note that this link does not provide any SEO link juice due to a “Nofollow” attribute in place.
  • Optimize your page description – Use target keywords on your profile page and make sure to use keywords in your Tweets.
  • Make inbound links – Just post articles with an anchor text link to your Twitter profile on article syndication sites. This strategy helps in boosting your profile’s page rank.
  • Direct relationship between followers and profile PageRank – If you have lots of followers you will be well loved among twitter users, which will eventually boost page rank of your profile page.
  • Place Twitter profile Link in footer or sidebar, which is accessible via every page.

3) Follow Related Theme Profiles Only – Search engines increases your twitter profile link juice when you are able to get followers from excellent PR twitter profiles. Make sure that you add only those twitter users that are related to your blog content or share tweets on similar interest. This will increase number of retweets and thereby traffic.

4) Use 301 permanent redirect, while shortening URL – TinyURL, bit.ly, tr.im are well loved URL shortening services that redirect users to the real URL via 301 (permanent redirect) and provide backlinks to your content. Search engines do not index TinyURLs, but index and pass PageRank to the actual URLs instead.

5) Use desired keywords in tweet content – Twitter does not allow you to tweet for more than 140 characters. Instead of automatically shortening the links on twitter.com, it is strongly advised to use URL shortening service like bit.ly. Once your URL is shortened, you have much more space to include more target keyword into twitter content.

6) SEO Optimize Title of Tweets in Twitter – The most vital part of your post for keyword/SEO consideration is the first 27 characters. It’s this first part that becomes part of the <TITLE> on your Twitter static pages. Twitter uses the following <TITLE> format:

Twitter / Your Username: 27 Characters …

For Example, Title of the tweet http://twitter.com/aot/status/6397999154 will be <title>Twitter / Chris Martin: Bing (tool) Bar for IE &amp; F …</title>

The same SEO rules that you apply to write optimized titles for the post must be used for twitter tweets as well. The only difference is that you have a restriction of 27 Characters as compared to 65 Characters in Blog Posts. For optimized tweets use keyword rich Titles within first 27 characters.

7) Use Hashtags in Tweets – Hashtags are similar to keyword meta-data. Basically, these are tags that that help those who seek similar content learn your Tweets. They’re like tags on Flickr, only added inline to your post. Hashtags are made by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag. This will help the visitors to view your tweet around a particular topic. To search most recent and hot hashtags visit #hashtags.org. Alternatively, you can use Twemes.com to find new hashtags.

8) Retweet Startegy – An indexed tweet provides 27 characters or so for title post excluding ‘Twitter / Your Username: ‘

Make sure your tweet’s character limits allow for optimal retweets. It is vital to keep the tweet under 125 characters, allowing your followers to add “RT @yourname” in front of the tweet. If you retweet the retweeted tweet it will result into the following link-

Twitter / Chris Martin: RT @Username RT @Username RT @Use ...

The original <title> of the Tweet is now truncated, with no keyword in place. To show link like some of us delete all the “RT @yourname”  text before retweeting into the Twitter Network. But it is not advisable, as the strategy could have adverse impact on your twitter profile pagerank. Instead you can add the RT @Username at the end of the Retweeted content.

9) Tweet in order to get your article retweeted – This is the most vital part for getting huge twitter traffic. In order to get more traffic and relevance to your tweet make sure that you retweets, other blog articles and encourage others twitter users to share (retweet) your Twitter content. Keep in mind the Retweet strategy discussed above.

10) Tweet and retweet relevant content timely – Make sure you are tweeting and retweeting articles keeping your followers and blog content in mind. If you are hosting a blog on windows 7 and tweets on windows 7 and H1N1 Tips simultaneously, then Google search engine may not like your twitter profile. This exercise may result in decrease in number of followers as well. Only share the links when you feel it should be, do not spam the twitter.

The Guest post is written by Jeffry McDowell , a part time Technology blogger who blogs on gadgetsdna.com

Twitter as a Business Strategy

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The LinkedIn “Sales and Marketing Professionals Promoting HighTech and Technology in Los Angeles and its Vicinity”, the largest LinkedIn group in Los Angeles with about 4000 members, and growing.

LinkedIn Group “Sales and Marketing Professionals Promoting High-Tech and Technology in Los Angeles” invites you to the first group’s networking reception and panel which is produced in association with iHollywood Forum at the conclusion of their 7th annual Digital Media Summit. Over 250 are expected to attend from LinkedIn members and the Digital
Media Summit attendees. The cocktail party is from 6pm-9pm on Wednesday, July 29 at UCLA Covel Commons.

We have added Twitter 101: How Businesses Can Leverage Twitter to Boost Sales as a main topic for the event following to the recent announcement of Twitter 101 – So what does Twitter do for businesses?

How can you avoid unpleasant things on Twitter

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So many new people now joining Twitter who have no thought what they are doing. People updated the excellent and terrible conversation as they like. They debating surrounding topic whether this excellent or terrible development. But you can monitor what they saying, how awesome is that. If you build a network of Twitter followers and actively engage them, they’ll not only loyally but defend you reputation for you spontaneously.
People who seek to take advantage from this social networking may make unpleasant experience for you or another users. The specific character traits that you have to avoid to delight in your Twitter are the people who want to sell their social media systems, all information you need is available on line and free , no cost to pay. Report and blocking people that claims can help you and show how to make money online by sending fee to theme. But there are people who are selling value things online. So you better check it carefully.
Avoid any account that uses sexuality, either with language, an provocative avatar or sexual background image. The internet is free you don’t need any middle man avoid someone who facilitates that. Any one who writes negative things about person, people, religion or even them selves. Gives your network something positive to re-tweett, it provides an opportunity to proactively manage your reputation. For example your tweeting about alert of global warming ,social works, up dated a wisdom words that maybe can impress your followers ,and a lot of positive opinion about how to make world more peaceful to live with. If fantastic technology used by finest people it can make world more friendly. Now you can start avoiding people who up dated negative opinion and less of positive things. Do not wasting your time tweet rubbish and un pleasant things.

Marketing on Twitter

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One of a social networking and micro blogging service called Twitter instantly updated information and wide variety of topics. Up dated all your activity, location and describe your current status everyday and every time. Like the meaning of Twitter : “a chirps from bird”, it’s simple to stay updated. As long as your mobile phone web – enable. Followers will response with your up dated and give comments .Twitter visible by default and can restrict message delivery to your friends list. So it’s simple to know what they doing while connected. It is a fantastic way to keep in touch.
People now want to making money and get the benefit from any social networking. If you want to make money online start a blog, write quality content, get traffic, monetize your traffic with third party advertising. That is all you need to do. How can you make this social net working as a media to promote and acknowledge to followers and grow your online business effectively. Use the articles marketing , focus and details. Post a kinds of personal info, links, to useful resources and promotional items. Headline is the most vital reckon, use an fascinating words and should be held to under 80 characters. You don’t want to be shortened to the point where the most vital part- the tiny URL is missing.
After the headline, your article marketing must involves giving and receiving elements. If you release something new, send these people a quick direct message. You willing them to Retweet to their followers? You better question nicely. Your valuable members are people who retweet your retweet. Show them same courtesy outlined. Remember, the more followers you have, the more people listen to you, and the simpler it is to spread your messages. It’s a simple strategy, people use tools to auto-follow anyone who follows them. So you can easily get followers. Using Twitter for marketing is more effective with a better follower list. Who follows you is the most vital than number of followers because of the responsiveness of your audience. Grow your online business affordable and efficiently with Twitter.

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