One Quick And Easy Way To Improve Your Reach On Twitter

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One Quick And Simple Way To Improve Your Reach On Twitter

In just five minutes a day, you can drastically improve the number of Twitter users you reach.


By paying attention to the trends, you can incorporate keywords and hashtags that will get your tweets in front of more eyeballs than just your followers.

In fact, if you’re not tweeting on trend, you’re likely missing out on a excellent chunk of attention from your followers, too – if they’re not online to see your tweet as it is sent, they probably won’t ever see it. Unless it’s tied into a trend they’re following, that is.

To learn what’s trending on Twitter, log in to and find the “Trends” box. This is located at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar. By default, you’ll see trends tailored to you based on your location and who you follow. You can change the trends you see by choosing a new location.

Trends offer up some fantastic insight into what people are tweeting about right now. By joining in, your tweets will be part of a much larger conversation and will be seen by potentially thousands of users. To join a trend, just include the keyword or hashtag in the “Trends” box.

Of course, you only want to participate in trending conversations that are really relevant to your brand. If you notice three topics about Justin Bieber’s latest hijinks, question yourself if you should be tweeting about this before adding your two cents. A bank might really hurt its brand if it hopped on the Justin trend, for instance, while a hip young clothing retailer might benefit.

Looking at the trending topics takes all of 20 seconds, and writing a tweet or two that fits shouldn’t take more than another two minutes.

As long as your tweets add value to the conversation and fit your brand, you should notice more engagement and reach just from this one simple task.


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