Twitter Ideas That May Not Be Intuitive to Involve As Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

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Twitter is simple to use. So simple to use, in fact, that some people jump into Tweeting and never learn about half of the elements of etiquette or utility slip right by some people. But, just because these thoughts aren’t intuitive doesn’t mean that you can’t use them to use Twitter to make money and generate web traffic. Instead of tweeting in the dark, read on for some tips we’ve compiled to make your business tweeting more viable, and your Internet marketing strategies over Twitter more successful.

1. Don’t answer to every @ tweet. Although you may be initially compelled to respond every time someone questions you a question, this is something you want to avoid. Instead, choose carefully to respond to tweets that will allow you to showcase your brand and your wit, and not just to answer basic questions. This will make sure that your tweets are always on the topic that you want them to be, and also help ensure that it doesn’t seem like you’re pandering to the crowd.

2. Don’t use full-length URLs. Website addresses can be huge, and when you’ve only got 140 characters to work with, posting the full address can defeat the purpose of Twitter. Instead, make use of a URL-shortening service, like TinyURL.

3. You don’t have to win everyone to your side. When it comes down to it, not everyone is going to like you – and some people may be very vocal about it. You should listen to what they say, but if you’re pleased with the content of your tweets and most of your followers like them too, then there’s no reason to change for just one person.

4. Avoid using Twitter like an IM client. Unless you feel your followers will benefit from you directly tagging an individual tweeter in a posting, then it’s probably best to stick to email or an IM client.

5. Don’t bother reading every tweet of your followers. While you should keep up with them to see what their interests are and what they respond best to, you certainly should not get lost in reading their tweets. Not only will this bog down your tweeting process, it will bog down your business process. Remember, you’re here first and foremost to attract people to your business and webpage, so don’t neglect your focus.


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