My 6 Step Plan To Give Thanks To My Followers

June 10, 2010 by  
Filed under Twitter Marketing Tips

We all know that “Follow Friday” is a great way to show your appreciation to new followers and followers you like.

I have a few ways I use to thank my followers that go beyond just a #FF shout.

Having 500 followers or 46,000 like I do, it means nothing if you don’t learn to be grateful or show your followers some appreciation in some way.

Here’s what I do…

1. I say “Thank You” to every person that RTs any of my tweets.

2. I #ff shout every person that RTs any of my tweets.

3. I do a #ff for every new follower for the week.

4. I make a list of all the people that RT my tweets, I call it “My Top RTs” this way it is easier for me to track and return the favor and RT some of their tweets.

5. I follow back every person that RTs my tweets.

6. Answer any DM I get (and yes, you will get some “Real” DMs in all the spam, just do a daily scan and answer the real ones).

These are all small things you can incorporate today into your Twitter “To Do”, and you will see how much people appreciate a simple TY or #FF mention or even answering a DM to show you are real.

It doesn’t matter if you use one or all my tips, in the end there is no downside to showing your followers you see them and appreciate their support.

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