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May 14, 2011 by  
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Many people seem to not care whether or not they spell correctly when using Twitter, but for many people this is a pet peeve. Spelling is very vital to a lot of people, and until now there was no simple way to spell check your Tweets. The new Spell Check Twitter Widget will now let you post with no misspellings directly from your website. All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML code onto your site by selecting the “Get Code to Embed” button.

This new widget has many cool features. While typing, the spell checker works so that you can see and right words as you go. Words that are incorrect are underlined in red; right-clicking the word brings up a list of selections that you can choose from. If your word is not listed, just make the correction yourself.

Other brilliant features are the ability to check all 140 characters at once, support for 16 different languages, and customization by changing the size, default language, or color of the widget. There is also an indicator which tells you how many characters you have typed. Once done with your Tweet, a green arrow lets you know that all words are spelled correctly. Finally, the widget is very small in size; it is only 156 Kb fully installed. It is also compatible with nearly all well loved browsers.

So, if you are sick of making errors in your Tweets that you do not catch, be sure to get the Spell Check Twitter Widget.

No more misspellings ever!

Submitted by:  Helen Iarmolchuk

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