9 Advanced Twitter Tips and Tricks

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In his book Tweet Naked, online marketing expert and Social Media Firm CEO Scott Levy provides the critical information entrepreneurs need to craft a social media strategy that will boost their brand and their business. In this edited excerpt, the author takes your Twitter skills to the next level by describing nine things you should be doing to up your Twitter game.

Do you want to be a rookie or a pro bowl veteran? The way you go about “tackling” your career is similar to being a rookie or a veteran. You can go through the day-to-day and remain average, or you can study, practice, train and try to find every possible advantage you can over your opponents.

For me, the following are simply things you must do to take part in everyday social media. To others, these might feel like advanced techniques and tactics that are at a higher knowledge level and maybe even desire level when it comes to doing social media. But if you want to elevate your game and get the most out of your investment (time and money) in social media, then take it to the next level with these nine tips and tricks.

1. Follow the leads. Twitter isn’t just about your tweets; it’s also a fantastic source for information on your competition. But don’t just follow your rivals–follow your rival’s followers. This will give you fresh insight on how to broaden your own following and what those people are looking for. It may even show you what your competition is doing better than you. With a small tweet tweaking, you may be able to get those followers to convert to your own company.

2. Save the sales pitch. Don’t get caught up in using Twitter as a selling tool. Instead, use it to increase customer loyalty and offer valuable information to your followers. Overmarketing will merely leave a sour taste in followers’ mouths, and you may even end up losing them if their feed gets too clogged with too many promotions.

3. Keep it small. Posting links and content is a fantastic thing, but Twitter users are all about brevity, so be sure to shorten your links by using a redirect service. bit.ly and is.gd are excellent ones to use, but there are other companies that offer additional services. Take a few minutes to do some research and find the best fit for your brand.

4. Answer with a period. Twitter filters allow users to only view answers if they are following each side of the conversation. But by starting off your answer with a period, the post won’t start with @–it will instead be viewed as a separate tweet and will be seen by all of your followers. Breaking grammar rules never felt so excellent.

5. Lose a few characters. Yes, 140 characters is the technical limit on Twitter, but all the cool kids are now only tweeting with 125 or less. Small, punchy tweets will grab your followers’ attention rather than getting lost in their feeds.

6. Twitter + & = ???. Lose the ampersand in both your profile and your tweets. Whatever the reason, Twitter doesn’t show the “&” sign correctly, so save your followers the distress of trying to figure out what it says and just spell out the word; it’s worth the extra two characters.

7. Cross-post to Facebook. Kill two birds with one stone by connecting your Twitter feed to your Facebook account. Head to your Twitter profile settings, then go to the bottom of the page underneath your bio. It’s an simple way to have your tweets post automatically to your Facebook feed.

8. A picture’s worth a thousand tweets. I can’t stress enough how vital pictures are in any social media platform, and Twitter is no exception. Use Twitpic to share photos as part of your tweets. Snapping photos on the go? Download the Twitterrific app to your smartphone to post pictures when you’re away from the computer.

9. Nobody likes a qwitter. Qwitter is a fantastic tool that notifies you when someone unfollows you on Twitter and even goes so far as to suggest potential tweets that caused them to leave. There are both free and “pro” memberships available, depending on how often you want information and how detailed you’d like it.

Luxury Brands Online

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Mosnar Communications a leading luxury PR firm and luxury brand blog announced today that influence of luxury experts on Twitter can be resourceful for luxury brands online. Citing that established Twitter profiles Tweeting about luxury related subjects can help luxury brands build credibility online.

CR Cataunya Ransom, lead publicist for Mosnar Communications says luxury brands can benefit
from forming strategic brand relationships with luxury experts on Twitter. Ransom stresses that many luxury brands still don’t know how to engage in social media environments and can use the expertise of those respected online for delivering luxury communications. She reveals that her firm uses their specialized Twitter profiles to target, engage, market, and promote luxury brands. Which in return Ransom feels allows the individual Twitter profiles owned by luxury brands to gain credibility.

“We have invested heavily over the last two years in Tweets that engage and target luxury audiences,” stated CR Cataunya Ransom.

Using Topsy.com luxury brands are able to search for Twitter experts that have influence on specific subject matters. Topsy ranks Ransom’s Mosnar Communications (@MosnarComm) in the top percent for expert Tweets about luxury which their algorithmic approach view the profile influential.

How to Get Ignored on Twitter

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Twitter is a fantastic tool for people and business but many still use it incorrect or just have no clue what’s going on. Some of these people are mis-informed and some know their terrible practices but just don’t care. I’m guessing most people don’t want to get ignored on twitter. It’s kind of like showing up at a party and not having a single person talk to you. Who wants that?!

So here are some things that will get people to ignore you on twitter!

1. Talk about yourself

This is simple. People don’t want to hear all about you! Twitter is not a platform to yell and scream your message, thoughts or show off how smart you are. Well really it can be but it has to be done tastefully. You need to be asking people questions. Don’t sit back and talk about how smart you are. Question others what their take is or if they have something fascinating to read or simply how their day was.

It’s just like a party. Would you approach a weirder and say “Hi my name is and I do this and I live here and I like this etc etc”. No! You want question them something and get them talking and before long they will be asking you questions.

2. Auto DM

Auto Dms are a sure way to get you ignored. It’s simple to tell when someone sends an auto DM and no I don’t ever want to randomly check your stuff out. The huge thing with auto dm’s is they make you look like you just want to sell something or use twitter to drive traffic. You don’t care on an individual level you just want to see if a few people will click through and then its a success. But you will generate a lot more sales and a lot more traffic by taking the time to manually DM people or simply by engaging on twitter.

At the same time some auto DMs are not that terrible. Example: “Yup this is an auto DM but I just wanted to say hi and I’m looking forward to chatting on twitter. Have a fantastic day!”

I can live with that and even though I don’t know how much excellent it does I don’t reckon it hurts you in anyway.

3. Question anyone to sign-up or buy something

This is an automatic ignore! It’s perfectly fine to question someone after a few conversations and if your product is on topic with what you have been discussing. But if you lead with or simply blast out messages about how fantastic your product is or newsletter is I am turning the other way. Possibly even unfollowing because I don’t want to hear your pitches if I haven’t had a chance to talk with you yet.

This is also a sure fire way to look like a spammer. Spam can be a huge problem on twitter and accounts are constantly getting shut down everyday to try and keep up with the problem. So if you start pitching anything you’re walking a fine line because people are constantly on the lookout for spammers and will be quick to judge you.

4. Don’t @answer anyone

The point of twitter is to talk to people. So start talking! I have heard from multiple people and I do this myself, if I check out your twitter profile and I don’t see any @answers in your stream I am immediately turned off from your account. It’s not the end of the world but its not a positive mark. People want to follow people who are going to talk with them. There are only a few select huge shots who can get away without replying to people. But if you’re new in the game you have to not only start conversations but make that effort to answer to every single person who engages you even if it is just a retweet. You still should say thank you!

5. Talk about making money online

Have you ever heard “I can teach you to make money online” or “I can make you rich”. If you’ve been on twitter then you have. You might very well make people rich or teach people very effectively to make money online. But you can’t lead with that on your twitter account!

Show people you know what you’re talking about by linking up resources and providing actionable advice. But just saying you’re going to make someone rich will send followers running!

6. Don’t follow anyone back

Reckon you’re to excellent to follow anyone back? Well that’s ok because you won’t have anyone following you soon enough! Its by no means mandatory to follow everyone back or follow 10’s of thousands of people. But show that you are willing to follow people back if they are fascinating enough. If you have had numerous conversations with some one and they come to find you’re not following them back that is a mis-step. It’s nearly a slap in the face to find that you can’t DM the person you’ve been talking to for weeks or months because they don’t want to follow you.

But don’t be worried to point it out to some one before you jump to conclusions. Some times they don’t even realize they are not following you!

7. Use all capitals

Maybe it’s just me but I can’t stand when someone is writing in all caps. It can be very awkward to read and gives off that sense that you are yelling something. It’s fine to highlight a word but avoid using all caps when having a normal conversation with someone.

8. Place people down

It’s ok to not like someone or to unfollow someone but to announce it to the world? That is looking childish. Don’t make announcements that you are unfollowing someone or constantly blasting and company or service. If I see that in a persons twitter feed I am immediately turned off because they come across as a very negative and childish person.

Also don’t constantly engage in arguments or fights on twitter. It’s all public and not only can it be looked up forever but I sure don’t want to be following someone who seems like their out to pick a fight. I’m not on twitter to stir up controversy just to do it. I’m there to meet fascinating people and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

My favorite is when someone combines my previous point about writing in all caps and announces that they are unfollowing someone. I guess they are making their statement but I sure won’t be following someone who finds it necessary to announce something like that.

What are things that set off an alert in your head to ignore someone on twitter?

How To Bookmark Twitter Links From Your Stream Using Paper

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I’m sure you’ve already asked yourself this question: “What can I do with the hundreds, even thousands, of links to sites, videos, photos, my followed tweeps are sharing every day?” Too much content here, requiring too much time to go through… But, obviously, this content may be of interest. You are following these tweeps for good reasons, aren’t you?

So the big question is how could one easily browse this immense list and quickly discover, among this massive flow of data shared by my followed people, the articles, blogs, sites, videos, I want to spend time on? This is exactly what the new (free) tool Paper.li is about.

Paper.li transforms any twitter timeline into a daily online newspaper. It presents the content shared by the people you follow, in a smart and easy to scan way.

How does it work? This new tool analyzes all links shared by your friends during a given day, determines topics (politics, science, technology, etc.) using semantic text analysis tools, extracts the content (text, video, images, pdf) and rank them for probable pertinence. With all of that info the tool is then able to create a newspaper front page, enabling you to scan this content – contextualized by tweets, always displayed nearby articles – in a very way. If such quick scanning is not enough, you are also able to access a table view of all content shared in the last 24 hours by the tweeps you follow. Once created, this “newspaper” is automatically updated every 24 hours.

It is a very simple tool, a way to get what people you follow (and respect) are sharing, even if you are not connected to Twitter the entire day.

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