Twitter Ideas That May Not Be Intuitive to Involve As Part of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

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Twitter is simple to use. So simple to use, in fact, that some people jump into Tweeting and never learn about half of the elements of etiquette or utility slip right by some people. But, just because these thoughts aren’t intuitive doesn’t mean that you can’t use them to use Twitter to make money and generate web traffic. Instead of tweeting in the dark, read on for some tips we’ve compiled to make your business tweeting more viable, and your Internet marketing strategies over Twitter more successful.

1. Don’t answer to every @ tweet. Although you may be initially compelled to respond every time someone questions you a question, this is something you want to avoid. Instead, choose carefully to respond to tweets that will allow you to showcase your brand and your wit, and not just to answer basic questions. This will make sure that your tweets are always on the topic that you want them to be, and also help ensure that it doesn’t seem like you’re pandering to the crowd.

2. Don’t use full-length URLs. Website addresses can be huge, and when you’ve only got 140 characters to work with, posting the full address can defeat the purpose of Twitter. Instead, make use of a URL-shortening service, like TinyURL.

3. You don’t have to win everyone to your side. When it comes down to it, not everyone is going to like you – and some people may be very vocal about it. You should listen to what they say, but if you’re pleased with the content of your tweets and most of your followers like them too, then there’s no reason to change for just one person.

4. Avoid using Twitter like an IM client. Unless you feel your followers will benefit from you directly tagging an individual tweeter in a posting, then it’s probably best to stick to email or an IM client.

5. Don’t bother reading every tweet of your followers. While you should keep up with them to see what their interests are and what they respond best to, you certainly should not get lost in reading their tweets. Not only will this bog down your tweeting process, it will bog down your business process. Remember, you’re here first and foremost to attract people to your business and webpage, so don’t neglect your focus.


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7 Useful Twitter Widgets

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Twitter has grown far beyond its microblogging roots to become a fabulous tool for social messaging, but how can you get the most out of it? Many people use Twitter clients to update their status and read tweets, but there are also a host of useful Twitter widgets that allow you to check your tweets from your blog or even let people retweet your blog entries.

What is a widget?

The Most Useful Twitter Widgets:

Twitter Profile Widget

Twitter Profile

Want to show your Twitter updates on your blog? This is one of two official Twitter widgets that will let you take your status updates and place them up anywhere that allows custom widgets. The fantastic thing about the Twitter Profile Widget is that you can place your tweets on a loop.

Twitter Search Widget

Twitter Search

Twitter Search Widget is the second official Twitter widget, and is one of the most useful Twitter widgets out there. It allows you to set up a Twitter search that updates in real time, so you could place it on a personalized start page and get quick updates about your city, a sports team or your favorite actor. Find out more about searching Twitter.

Twitt-Twoo Widget

Twitt-Twoo widget

The Twitt-Twoo Widget is a WordPress plugin that not only displays your latest status updates, but you can also use it to type in a groundbreaking new tweet. The widget uses AJAX to update the page, so you don’t need to refresh your site, and it even provides a link to your Twitter RSS feed.

TwitStamp Widget

Twitter Stamp

This clean widget will let you make a stamp of your current Twitter status to use anywhere that takes images, which includes blogs, discussion forums, etc. It doesn’t even have to be your tweet that you stamp. You can enter any Twitter profile to turn their latest status update into an image, or even bookmark TwitStamp to easily make Twitter stamps.

Twitter Widget

Widgetbox Twitter Widget

This simple Twitter widget from Widgetbox is easily customizable, so you can match the background to your blog. You can also easily transport the widget to Facebook, MySpace or any number of social networking profiles or blogging networks like WordPress or Blogger.

Twoxit Widget

Twoxit Widget

This clean small Twitter widget lets you place a piece of code on your website or blog to let users make updates to their own Twitter account. The widget comes in a sidebar style and a footer style, so you can easily fit it to your site.

Retweet Button

Retweet Button

Go over Digg, there’s a new article badge in town. Retweet buttons are becoming increasingly well loved for blogs and news articles, and they are relatively simple to install. You can place these buttons on your website, blog, embed them in email or even place them in your RSS feed.

Twitter Marketing Strategy – Basic Tips

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Twitter is a well loved way for you to increase your business and build social buzz about any organization, merchandise. I’ve made use of twitter to build my company as well as buy completely new relationships which have since become business partnerships. It’s a fantastic way to connect to your clients to see exactly what their most significant obstacles happen to be so you can establish services and products that serve them significantly better and this produces even more devoted consumers and supporters.

Twitter concerns making interactions and connections with folks whom you are able to help via your organization. That is what it comes down too, that is virtually all it really is. The majority of business people learn about twitter on television or perhaps in the media they usually consider it a terrific advertising tool to help get the word released pertaining to their particular business. This isn’t how you need to look at social media campaigns or twitter marketing by any means. When you look at twitter as simply a broadcasting advertising choice for getting your advertising and marketing information out then you’ll unfortunately not observe very much advantage or success from it.

You should use twitter to mention everything that your business is accomplishing or whatever services or products you provide but, if you try this too frequently people will quickly unfollow you or give up listening because individuals do not interact with businesses, they interact with people. Should you consistently never supply benefit and interact with people you will notice much better effects on twitter and folks is often more open to your tweets. They’re going to click through and go to your web-site more regularly, and buy much more merchandise also.

Internet marketing may be complicated and perplexing and social media advertising and marketing via internet sites such as Twitter, Facebook as well as YouTube might be far more puzzling until you learn how to approach it and what you can do precisely. A person can certainly master a fantastic deal by simply following others and witnessing what they’re doing although typically they’re doing some right things and a few completely incorrect things. I’ve learned a fantastic deal concerning social media advertising and marketing in the a few years I’ve been engaging in this and want to share to you the way to make your own twitter advertising and marketing approach more beneficial.

This is very vital. Pay Close attention!
Nearly 95% of the people reading this article will use Twitter in one way or another. Many of those will fail to use Twitter effectively because they don’t know how to go about it correctly. Don’t be one of them. I invite you to get a FREE crash course on Twitter marketing. Take 2 minutes and read the next page and learn how you can use Twitter marketing effectively.

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5 Essential Twitter SEO Tips

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Since a few months, Google shows tweets in their search results. This means that tweets can be a fantastic source of traffic for your website if they have a excellent Pagerank. Here are 5 essential Twitter SEO tips to increase the efficiency of your tweets.

1) The first 40 characters matter most

Regarding the SEO of your tweets, the most vital part of your tweet are the first 40 characters. These 40 characters also include your username. Try to include the most vital keywords of your tweet in the first characters for better search engine results.

2) Optimize your account

There are a few simple tips you should keep in mind when you fill in your personal information, such as;

Name / Username

As I already mentioned above, the first 40 characters of your tweet are really vital for SEO. These characters are proceeded by your actual name and username. That’s why it’s vital to choose a username that’s relevant to your brand/company/blog… You can easily change your name via your profile settings.


You can compare your bio with the meta description of a website. Use keywords that are relevant to your business for better indexing results. But don’t forget that your bio is limited to only 160 characters. Also, your bio is constantly indexed.

Website URL

Although the url has a “nofollow” attribute, it can still be usefull to drive traffic to your website. People who are interested in your tweets are likely to take a look at your homepage.

3) Reckon about retweets

Make it simple for your followers to retweet by limiting the length of your tweets. Every retweet is preceded by your username. So don’t forget to leave room for the phrase ‘RT @username’. This means that the maximum length of your tweets isn’t 140 characters, but 140 minus ‘RT @username’…

4) Use hashtags

Hashtags act as keywords. Prefix a keyword with a ‘#’ to make a hashtag. They help other users who are interested in that keyword to learn your tweet. Hopefully, this will also lead to a retweet. In this case, don’t forget the fourth tip!

5) Choose a excellent URL shortener

Not all URL shorteners redirect the user to the real URL. Choose a URL shortener that uses 301-redirects (permanent redirects). This way, search engines index the actual URL instead of the small URL. I suggest using or TinyURL.


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