How can you avoid unpleasant things on Twitter

June 10, 2010 by  
Filed under Twitter SEO Tips

So many new people now joining Twitter who have no thought what they are doing. People updated the excellent and terrible conversation as they like. They debating surrounding topic whether this excellent or terrible development. But you can monitor what they saying, how awesome is that. If you build a network of Twitter followers and actively engage them, they’ll not only loyally but defend you reputation for you spontaneously.
People who seek to take advantage from this social networking may make unpleasant experience for you or another users. The specific character traits that you have to avoid to delight in your Twitter are the people who want to sell their social media systems, all information you need is available on line and free , no cost to pay. Report and blocking people that claims can help you and show how to make money online by sending fee to theme. But there are people who are selling value things online. So you better check it carefully.
Avoid any account that uses sexuality, either with language, an provocative avatar or sexual background image. The internet is free you don’t need any middle man avoid someone who facilitates that. Any one who writes negative things about person, people, religion or even them selves. Gives your network something positive to re-tweett, it provides an opportunity to proactively manage your reputation. For example your tweeting about alert of global warming ,social works, up dated a wisdom words that maybe can impress your followers ,and a lot of positive opinion about how to make world more peaceful to live with. If fantastic technology used by finest people it can make world more friendly. Now you can start avoiding people who up dated negative opinion and less of positive things. Do not wasting your time tweet rubbish and un pleasant things.

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